By the by, I can also do/book corporate and private comedy shows, as well as provide corporate improv training to help with team building, public speaking or just to have a good time! 
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Phone/text: 540-657-8811


Q-Do you have Group and Military discounts?
A- Yes indeed!  (*please note: discounts only apply to the cost of the ticket;  dinner, drinks etc, do not apply)Military discounts  (and immediate family members of military) should use promo code "MILITARY" upon purchase and you will receive a 15% thank you, it's the least I can do.  I will not ask for any ID or proof of military association, but if you use this discount without a valid reason, you are a total jackass.

Student, Teacher, Law Enforcement, and Stay At Home Mom/Dad discounts should use promo code "STUDENT", "TEACHER", "THELAW" or "HOME" upon purchase and you will receive a 10% discount.Group discounts are by groups of 10-14 or 15+.  All tickets must be purchased together and at the same time to apply the discount.  Parties of 10 should enter promo code "10" for a 10% discount. Parties of 15 or more should enter promo code "15" for a 15% discount.*Discounts cannot be combined with each other or any other coupon.

Q-Will you send me a ticket in the mail? 
A-No.  In an effort to be environmentally friendly and lazy, your printed or virtual receipt and ID will act as your ticket at the entrance to the show. That's all you Need! 

Q-How are you? 
A-Fine, thank you.

Q-How can I be sure that the comics you advertised will actually perform?
A-Though it has yet to happen, with any live performance, life happens and the listed bill for each night is subject to change without notice. You got a problem with that, talk to God.

Q-What time do the doors open for the show? 
A-30 mins before show time, unless otherwise noted. 

​Q-Is there assigned seating?
 A-All shows have GENERAL SEATING;  as in first come, first choice.

Q-Is that your dog?

Q-Is there and age requirement? 
​A-Yes.  You must be at least 18 yrs old or accompanied by an adult. NOTE: These shows are for adults, content, language and atmosphere are not meant for children.

​ Q-Are these shows funny? 
​A-No. They are hilarious.

If you need anything else, just email me at